1. General notes
    1. is an online platform operated by Mobile Education AG («LEGI»).
    2. The usage of as well as the benefits listed on it are based on these general terms and conditions (GTC), which with the registration obtain as accepted.
    3. The GTC version published on applies.
    4. LEGI reserves the right to modify or discontinue the offered services at any time. The information contained on may also be partially or completely altered or deleted at any time without prior notification.
    5. LEGI also reserves the right to make adjustments to the LEGI-app, but is not obliged to provide updates.
    6. Since a comparison between the LEGI-app and the website is only possible with an intact internet connection, different information may appear on the app and the website. The information published on is relevant.
  2. Conceptual explanations
    1. A «member» is a person who is registered on, completes a profile, creates one by indicating all necessary information and pays the membership fee of 39.- per year.
    2. «Partners» are companies that appear on with a Benefit.
    3. A «Benefit» is defined as an unspecific benefit offered by a partner in any way. This can be an universally valid student discount or a benefit offered to LEGI-members only.
  3. Registration and access authorisation
    1. On students, high school students, students of Berufsmaturitätsschule or secondary school students of a Swiss university, university of applied science, Hochschule or educational institution with a valid student ID and apprentices in a regular apprenticeship are welcome while all members can profit from all Benefits.
    2. In order to create a membership account on you must enter your first and last name, sex, postal address, e-mail address, password and date of birth.
    3. The information provided by the member must be truthful.
    4. Members are generally welcome as long as they are in a training relationship. Students can therefore be requested by e-mail to confirm their university or college of higher education e-mail address. Scholars and apprentices can be requested to confirm that they are still in a training relationship. This training relationship must exist at the time of registration and needs to be confirmed.
    5. Once a member profile is created, it is personal and cannot be shared with other people or be imparted. The member is obliged to keep his password securely and secretly.
    6. The abusive usage of the information accessible on (especially e-mail addresses and phone numbers) is explicitly prohibited. Particularly the usage for the purpose of disseminating unwanted advertisements as well as copying or systematically collecting this information is prohibited.
    7. The violation of these GTC may result in the deprivation of the access authorisation or the deletion of the account. LEGI reserves the right to initiate civil and criminal proceedings and/or to assist its partner in such endeavours (especially in cases of fraud or attempt to defraud).
  4. Usage of Benefits and identification as a user
    1. Members can identify themselves through the LEGI-membershipcard or the LEGI-app. Logged-in members can access the Benefits through the app and redeem them (depending on the availability). Durable Benefits can be redeemed with the LEGI-app as well as by the valid LEGI-member card. Benefits that are redeemable daily, weekly, monthly, per quartal, per semester or once, can only be redeemed with the LEGI-app and require passing through the verification process.
    2. Redeeming the Benefits with the app has to be done by or in front of a responsible employee of the particular partner. In case no employee is able to follow the redeeming of the Benefits on the smartphone, the partner is not obliged to grant the Benefit.
    3. If, for technical reasons, the redemption of Benefits via the smartphone app is not possible - especially if vouchers can not be reliably devaluated - the partner is not obliged to grant the Benefit.
    4. Once the Benefit has been redeemed, it cannot be renewed outside of the indicated availability cycles. LEGI will not release the Benefits particularly if they have been redeemed accidentally or on purpose and the Benefit has not been granted by a partner.
    5. Benefits (in particular vouchers) can be deleted, changed, complemented or otherwise adjusted at any time without prior indication.
    6. Partners may make the granting of Benefits dependent of additional conditions, which are not listed exclusively.
      1. The granting of a Benefit can in particular be dependent on the age. This applies especially in connection with entries to clubs and bars. Incidentally as a rule the entrance will not be allowed if a member appears in an alcoholised condition, the place is already full or a possible dress code is not taken into account. Therefore the existence of a Benefit does not further entitle the holder to enter a place.
      2. Regulations regarding the protection of minors (in particular article 11 para. 1 LGV, article 41 para. 1 lit. i AlkG) always apply. In case a Benefit includes a reduction of the price of a beverage of choice, spirits and liquor-containing beverages are always excluded (article 41 para. 1 lit. g and h, article 42b para. 2 AlkG).
      3. At any time partners can insist, that Benefits may be claimed only through the additional proof of a regular student’s ID (possibly scholars or apprentice ID) despite the demonstration of the LEGI-app.
      4. General student discounts are normally only granted through the presentation of a valid student ID (possibly scholar or apprentice ID).
      5. Benefits regarding the performance of a product can only be offered as long as they are in stock.
  5. Participation in competitions
    1. Members can participate in competitions organised on
    2. The winners will be notified via mail. Therefore LEGI may insist that the LEGI-member announces its address and, if applicable, other data (e.g. date of birth) to enable the delivery of the prize and/or other relevant information. These data can be submitted to the delivering partner, so that he can directly contact the winners. Should this be the case, LEGI will advise the winner of their right to object.
    3. If a competition explicitly states that data of the participating members can be passed on to the disseminating partner, the member agrees with the participation in the competition that their contact data (in particular the e-mail address) are forwarded to the respective partner (see also 8.5 data privacy).
    4. If LEGI does not receive any feedback from the member within 7 days after sending the winner notification or if his address data is not sufficiently apparent for LEGI, a new winner can be determined without further notification.
    5. A cash payment or an exchange of prizes is excluded in any case.
  6. Special regulations for the collaboration with UBS Switzerland AG.
    1. By registering with LEGI for a five-year LEGI membership with UBS Campus banking package, you confirm that you are domiciled in Switzerland and agree that your personal information may be transferred to UBS Switzerland AG and used for monitoring and UBS marketing purposes, including product promotion.
    2. Within 30 days a verification of the membership must be made with the UBS bank card and the student ID, otherwise a membership account will automatically become liable to pay CHF 39.-/year.
  7. Special regulations for competitions in collaboration with UBS Switzerland AG
    1. The raffle occurs on the day after the closing date for participation. The closing date for participation is listed separately for each competition. Every individual resident in Switzerland and aged between 18 and 30 year is allowed to participate in the drawing.
    2. The participation is free. The winner is determined by lottery. The drawing of the winners occurs according to coincidence. The winners will be informed directly. The price is handed over in form of a voucher. UBS is not liable for the risks of the winners regarding the competition.
    3. The legal process is excluded. We do not correspond to the raffle. With your participation you accept the terms and conditions of participation and agree to the usage of the declared personal data through UBS for their own marketing purposes. UBS reserves the right to exclude participants from the competition without indicating reasons, in particular at the slightest suspicion of offensive content, abuse or manipulation.
    4. The competition on is operated by Notch Interactive AG Pflanzschulstrasse 7, 8004 Zurich on behalf of UBS. The personal data will be stored on the Microsoft Azure Cloud, transmitted and processed by UBS for the purpose of the realisation of the competition. For questions about the data processing, please contact
  8. Warranty and liability
    1. Although LEGI endeavors to publish only correct and up-to-date information, all information on, the LEGI-app as well as in the newsletters are not guaranteed.
    2. A Benefit not granted by a partner can not be claimed from LEGI in any case.
    3. LEGI is only liable for damages caused intentionally or through grossly negligent. Liability for damage caused by auxiliary personnel is hereby waived within the legally permissible limits.
    4. LEGI endeavours to offer its members access to as well as to the associated smartphone app without technical interference. However maintenance and further development work on the website as well as interference of a different nature can temporarily interrupt the usage of LEGI is not liable for damages resulting from technical limitations of usage or breakdowns of the platform. In particular, liability for damage resulting from data loss is excluded.
    5. The accuracy of all the links that lead you to the partners will be reviewed at the moment of their admission. LEGI is not liable for the access to external content and possible consequential damages due to the placement of links on the website of third parties. It is irrelevant whether the damage is direct, indirect or financial or an other damage that may result from data loss, downtime or other reasons.
    6. The member acknowledges that all goods and services listed on are produced or offered by partners and not by LEGI itself. LEGI therefore does not grant a manufacturer warranty and is also not liable for damages arising in connection with the usage of a product or service offered by a partner. Any claims should be addressed directly to the partner in dispute.
  9. Data security
    1. LEGI treats the member’s data carefully, confidentially and in accordance with the following guidelines.
    2. The usage of the platform requires a member profile to be created. For the creation of the member profile it is mandatory to indicate an e-mail address, a password and the date of birth. The profile can be provided voluntarily with indications such as the address or the date of birth. Furthermore not actively published data such as the browser, the operating system and the IP address of the member will be collected. When using the LEGI-app, the UDID of the smartphones, the version of the operating system, data for usage (e.g. duration of usage) as well as other settings may be determined. The member can agree to the recording of their location when entering the browser version of as well as when using the LEGI-app (optional). In this way, the member is able to find nearby offers on the map even quicker.
    3. The member acknowledges that LEGI may use the data in the aforementioned sense for marketing purposes. This data can be used to compile statistics which can provide information about the consumer behaviour of the member.
    4. LEGI may use the personal data of the member in order to contact and provide him with information about specific offers and/or the portal The member has the possibility at any time to revoke his confirmation to approaches in the form of regularly published newsletter without specifying the reason. For this purpose the member can send an e-mail to
    5. If a competition explicitly states that data of participating members can be passed on to the disseminating partner, the member agrees, when participating in the competition, that his contact data (in particular e-mail address) is forwarded to the particular partner.
    6. uses Google Analytics, which is a web analytics service provided by Google Inc. («Google»). Google Analytics uses so called cookies and text files, which are stored on the computer of the member and which allow analysing the usage of the website by the member. The information on the usage of (including the IP address of the member) generated by the cookie, is transferred to a Google server in the USA and stored there. Google will use this information to evaluate the usage of by the member, to compile reports on the website activities for the website operators and to provide additional services related to the website usage and internet usage. Google may also transfer this information to third parties, if this is required by law or if third parties process this data on behalf of Google. Google will in no case merge the member’s IP address with other data from Google. The installation of the cookies can be prevented respectively by setting the browser software ( In this case however, the usage of may not be possible in its entirety. By using and the LEGI-app, the member agrees to the processing of his data by Google in the manner described above and for the aforementioned purpose.
    7. uses Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure is equipped with data protection functions by Privacy by Design. This is a program that defines the creation and operation of products and services in the sense of data protection. The standards and processes that support the principles of Privacy by Design include the Microsoft Privacy Standard (which sets out the main Microsoft data protection requirements and procedures) and the Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (which also governs the data protection requirements). These protection measures are also supported by strong contractual obligations to secure customer data by complying with the EU model clauses, Safe Harbor programs and ISO/IEC 27018 (for the regulation of the processing of personal information).
    8. By logging into Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account, LEGI receives information about the e-mail address used by the member on these portals. OAuth respectively the interaction with external social networks and platforms is from KEN HUB. These services allow interaction with social networks or other external platforms directly through this application. The interaction as well as the information collected through this application, underlies the privacy settings that users set for their social network. If a service for social network interaction is installed it can collect data from the data traffic on the pages on which it is installed even if users do not use the service. The tweet buttons and the social widgets for Twitter are services for the interaction with the social network Twitter of Twitter Inc. The collected personal data are cookies and usage data.
    9. When using, LEGI’s own persistent and temporary cookies will be created on the computer of the member. Temporary cookies will be deleted at the end of the browser session, while persistent cookies will be created at the login and ensure that the member is recognized on the next visit on
    10. LEGI treats the member’s data confidentially and makes it accessible to third parties only in cases where intended by the law. The member acknowledges that his personal data may be passed on to the particular partner and/or the responsible law enforcement agency if a reasonable suspicion appears (e.g. manipulation or duplication of Benefits, giving access of Benefits to non-members).
    11. The member can request the deletion of his profile and/or information about his stored data by writing an e-mail to
  10. Mobile usage
    1. When using on your smartphone, additional costs for the data transmission may arise depending on your mobile communications agreement.
    2. The availability of the content on the mobile network is dependent on the network coverage of the particular mobile terminal respectively the access to the internet.
  11. Copyright
    1. LEGI and the respective partners retain all copyrights and other rights of content, images and any information of a different nature published on This information may only be reproduced, distributed or used in any other relevant copyrighted manner after an approval in written form.
    2. LEGI owns the copyright for the design of the website and the LEGI-app.
  12. Severability clause
    Should individual clauses of the GTC prove to be invalid, the remaining clauses remain in force. An ineffective clause shall be replaced in good faith and in a legally effective manner by a clause that most closely corresponds to the economic purpose of the ineffective clause.
  13. Choice of law and court of jurisdiction
    1. This agreement is governed by Swiss law, with the exclusion of international conflict of laws.
    2. The court of jurisdiction is at the domicile of Mobile Education AG.
Last update: September 2016