About LEGI

LEGI has emerged from a student initiative and is run by students and for students. Many of the advantages of being a student are still unclear and this is supposed to change with LEGI. Students are interested, active, engaged and ambitious. So far, however, this group has not been actively informed about its advantages and Benefits. On one hand LEGI is intended to show where students can profit from existing Benefits and on the other hand LEGI aims to actively persuade companies to offer a Benefit to students or even increase an existing student discount.

LEGI was able to win several local and Swiss-wide partner within a short amount of time and there are more to come every day. With LEGI we want to negotiate the best Benefits for students and communicate them to all the students. Above all, LEGI is also intended to show Benefits that the students are really interested in. Local Benefits, which can be used regularly on-site, should also be included. For this purpose, LEGI also allows redeeming vouchers through their mobile apps. Many interesting and popular partners do not want to offer a all-inclusive student discount, but give exciting coupons, such as 2 for 1 or 50% discount, redeemable at periodic intervals. Therefore students can profit from great offers in a variety of ways throughout Switzerland.

Far more than 100 students are out every day as ambassadors of LEGI at different Swiss educational institutions. They know the regional and relevant Benefit partners on-site and know what the students are interested in. They are also in contact with the many partners and try to receive the best offers for their region. If you would like to become part of LEGI, please write to info@legi.ch.

With LEGI we hope to create a real added value for students and that LEGI will soon be more than just a simple student ID.