LEGI is the platform for student discounts in Switzerland. Trough our website and the app you will find exclusive discounts near your university and all over Switzerland.
The LEGI-benefits can be redeemed via the LEGI-app or the LEGI-card. To redeem a time-limited offer (once a day, week, month, quartal or semester) you display it on your app and show it to the corresponding Benefit partner on-site. Make sure to redeem the Benefits in front of or by a responsible person at the particular partner, otherwise the discount will not be granted. In order to redeem an unlimited offer, please identify yourself to the Benefit partner with your LEGI-card. When redeeming LEGI Benefits, the partners will usually only want to see the LEGI-app or the LEGI-card. However they may additionally require your student, scholar or apprentice ID for granting the Benefit.
You may register as a LEGI-member, if you are in a training relationship. This is fulfilled when being enrolled in a university, university of applied science, high school, Berufsmittelschule, secondary school or in a regular apprenticeship.
To become a LEGI-member, you must apply for a LEGI-membership via the online registration form. The membership costs 39.- per year. After the registration you will receive your personal LEGI-card by post. With your e-mail address and the password set in the registration you can register on www.legi.ch or via the LEGI-app.
You are welcome to LEGI.ch as long as you are in a training relationship. For this reason, we will send you e-mails from time to time, so that you can confirm your e-mail address respectively your status as a student, scholar or apprentice.
No, a Benefit will not be released if it has accidentally been redeemed. However many Benefits are renewed after a certain time. Therefore you will soon be able to access the Benefit again.
No, a Benefit will not be released if a partner has not granted it. In this case, however we are grateful for a feedback to info@legi.ch in order to be able to contact the provider and address him to the incident.
If you want to delete your account, you can inform us by e-mail to info@legi.ch. We will delete your account for you.
With the heart button you can mark offers which will then be displayed in your favorites. This way you can easily mark and quickly find offers that you regularly use or find interesting.
Please send us an e-mail about your concern to info@legi.ch. We are also open to your ideas and suggestions.