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CSS Insurance

Exclusive discounts on selected supplementary insurance products

CSS Insurance  

There is a partnership between LEGI and CSS Insurance, which allows us to offer special advantages to you as a student!

As a LEGI member, you benefit from exclusive discounts on selected supplementary insurance productsFamily members living in the same household also benefit from these advantages. 

Health insurance is a "must", but the budget is limited – what now? We provide you with insurance cover that is perfectly tailored to your current needs and lifestyle. We also give you tips on how to save money, for example by choosing alternative insurance models or the correct deductible.

Changing to CSS Insurance will bring you many benefits, such as

  • Basic insurance with attractive premiums and money-saving models
  • Modular range of products: Many options, highly individual
  • Contribution to health maintenance and prevention activities
  • 24-hr medical advice from the CSS telemedicine centre
  • myCSS. Your personalised client login portal

Find out more about how you can save money by clicking on "REDEEM OFFER ONLINE"! Or contact us at one of the more than 100 CSS agencies or by telephone at 0844 277 277 for a consultation.



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